Fusion™ Mineral Paint Pouring Resin - Prairie Revival

Fusion™ Mineral Paint Pouring Resin

Fusion™ Mineral Paint
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Pouring Resin 16.9 oz. is an acrylic pouring medium for creating beautiful art on canvas or wood and dries with a glossy finish.

This Pouring Resin mixes seamlessly with Fusion to create beautiful and unique acrylic pour artwork.  It can be used on canvas, furniture, or any surface that Fusion sticks to.  It finishes to a very durable, glossy finish, and can even be used on its own as a finish or topcoat over Fusion Mineral Paint.  It can even be painted on top of for a multi-dimensional look.

– Durable glossy finish
– Easy to Use
– No topcoat needed
– Non-toxic