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Staalmeester - Round Synthetic #20 Brush

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The Staalmeester® Round Synthetic #20 Brush is 100% synthetic fiber. This mix offers, apart from its high absorptive capacity, a perfect balance and resistance for easy handling of the paint. The synthetic fiber is supple and soft, so that a stripe-less result is guaranteed.

To learn how to avoid brush strokes, go here:

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Staalmeester® has been known for over 70 years for its craftsmanship and dedication to the painter's craft. We make our handmade brushes with love and the best materials. That is why our brushes find their way to serious painters all over the world. By working intensively with painters and listening carefully to their wishes, we continue to innovate in order to be able to offer the painter a beautiful piece of professional equipment. Staalmeester was the first brand in the Netherlands to introduce a brush which offered a good solution for the new generation of solvent-based (Low VOC) paints.


We have professional brushes for the most common paints:
- Chungking bristle brushes for traditional solvent based/synthetic paints.
- Brushes with an ideal mix of polyester and chungkingbristles developed for water-based paints.
- 100% Synthetic brushes, our new Pro-Hybrid series. The all-round brush especially for water-based and synthetic paint.